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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Birthday Calendar

Whiskey Girl's birthday is tomorrow.

I'm the person in my family who reminds everyone about other family members' birthdays. I've been that person for as long as I can remember.

I'd be happy to carry that tradition over to my Bloggerhood, so in the Comments section send me your birth date.

Mine is November 26th.


  1. lol fun. Mine is September 7th. You'll have to remind me about your's I'm HORRIBLE with dates.. Seriously I told people for 3 years I was married on the 25th of march and it's the 24th. arg. (Practicing my pirate growl. Don't quite have it but it's a work in progress.)

  2. So, time to harass her? I'm totally game with that plan...

  3. Ohh mine is close to yours...well the number anyway!

    26th Oct

  4. You have a very special birthday. The same as my granddaughter Destini. My day is November 13th.

  5. November is an awesome month for birthdays ;) Mine is Feb. 2nd

  6. October 19th.

    (year not specified)