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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Taxi Cab (Part III)

She thought long and hard that evening about the bag with the voice not worthy of hearing...and about the man in the taxi cab. The sense of peace he brought to her with each visit. She liked how she felt when around him. She saw beauty and depth in those blue eyes, his heart laid out to be loved. She wondered what it would be like to be closer to him...and drifted off to delicious sleep.

The next morning she gathered her bags and set out for the day's journey. She looked for that voice as she walked...hoping she did not lose it in the taxi cab. She realized that she had been walking in circles for quite some time...much like that voice had talked circles around itself.

The taxi cab pulled up and she got in. She sank into the seat with a feeling that his sleep was much like hers the night before. He drove for a while without saying a word. It was her turn to talk.

"I think I may have lost the contents of another bag last night", she said after clearing her throat. "That voice wasn't worthy of being heard, so if you found it, I hope you did not listen. Truth be told, I never liked that voice. It never expressed my needs the way I wanted it to. I'm glad to be rid of it and embarrassed by the way it represented me."

He gave her a smile that said, "I'm listening." She picked up on his cue and began to talk. She talked the entire ride, but the tone was very different than before. She did her best not to rehash what had "been done to her". She took responsibility for her life and her actions for the first time. Her voice was in harmony with her words and pleasing to the ear. Every so often she'd naturally stop and listen to what he had to say. The more she concentrated on truly hearing and connecting with him, the stronger her own voice became.

He drove her around for hours, until their voices were tired. The last breath they shared that evening was a kiss. A gentle and long awaited embrace.

She tucked her new voice into the bag, but realized the contents of the third bag were now gone.

"Wait!", she shouted. He turned around to look at her.

"I dropped something in the back of the cab again...Um, never mind, I can wait until tomorrow...it was old and stale anyway. I will see you tomorrow, yes?"

He grinned and drove off.

She knew the direction she'd take tomorrow and he knew he wanted to be part of it.


  1. Her voice was in harmony with her words and pleasing to the ear.
    Your voice is always worth hearing and your words always worth reading.

  2. CRAZINESS ABOUNDS has voiced my feelings very well!

  3. Ok I'm hooked! ... but I'm going to feel VERY DIRTY if the taxi cab driver turns out to be God.

  4. Thank you so much Melynda and Fishducky!

    MMW- you can rest easy...the driver is not G_d...but she does put him up on that pedestal.

  5. What a great story this is! I'm digging it!

  6. Yay! The story continues! I love how dreamy your tale flows (that and it would have to be a dream for a taxi driver to be that attractive! lol)

  7. Awesome! I'm ready for the next leg of the journey!

  8. . . . and so the journey to self-discovery and to letting go of the past continues. And how does it continue? With the strength that comes from self-knowledge and with the deep desire to become totally human in our response to life.

    Your allegory is so well written. It invites us into that taxi cab and into the nights and days of your life. Thank you.

  9. Thank you again for all the positive comments. I've really enjoyed putting myself into this.

    PCP - Yes, the taxi cab driver was very handsome, inside and out

    Dee - Your comments are always so thoughtful. Thank you for getting me so well.

  10. Gawd. There's a giant lump in my throat...

    ...when I was married, I had no voice. When I divorced, everyone thought, no, they KNEW, it wasn't my fault. But it was. I had let those things be done to myself. I had silenced myself.

    When I stood up and said it aloud, people were shocked. But I was finally whole, and healthy.

    And able to love myself, and someone new.


    Ok. Just had to share that... now on to part 4...