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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Taxi Cab (Part IV)

The next morning she leaped out of bed and bounded out the door. She had a plan...and out she went.

She left her bags behind that day, abandoning the burden of carrying them...her arms now free to welcome what the day had to offer.

"Where would you like to go today, Sweetie?" he asked when he pulled up beside her.

"Today will be a day of firsts," she said as she entered the front passenger side of the cab.

"Then you'll need this," he said as he handed her the most exquisite bag she had ever seen. It was tiny, delicate...perfect. He knew her so well!

They spent the day exploring new avenues, making love each time they arrived at their destination. The love was intense, complete, connected...which was a first for her.

They took turns driving that day, often getting lost...delighted in what they discovered along the way. They needed no directions. They became equals that day.

That evening she floated home...filling the empty space in her heart with warm light, happiness, confidence. She reveled in the depth of her feelings. "So this is what it feels like," she thought to herself as she cradled the bag he had given her in her arms.


  1. I'm hoping she's the only one he's driving around in his taxi or else she could pick us some nasty stuff from getting down and dirty in a cab! ;)

    Ok, on a serious note, again this is flowing so fabulously! I have everything crossed, hoping that this story doesn't have to have a terrible conflict in it at some point. I'm just so full of hope for her!

  2. I figure there must be something naturally sensual about your writing style because when you wrote "today will be a be a day of firsts" my mind automatically started thinking SMUT!! SMUTT! GIVE ME FILTHY SMUT!!

    The story is great but your writing technique makes it magical!!

  3. Haha! Sorry I got distracted and stuttered your quote all to pieces...

    "Today will be a day of firsts!!"

  4. Dear Stephanie, One of my favorite books of poetry is Anne Morrow Lindbergh's "The Unicorn and Other Poems." When I read your posting today--the fourth in this lovely on-going allegory of letting go and letting new life flow into us--I thought of the first poem in that slim volume. It is entitled "The Man and the Child."

    Here are some words from that poem. "It is the man in us who works. . . . who doubts his neighbor and who wears a mask . . . It is the child in us who plays. Who sees no happiness beyond today's. Who sings for joy, who wonders, and who weeps . . . It is the child in us who loves."

    Peace and thank you for commenting on my posting today. That little girl thanks you too.

  5. I honestly think the comments that I get from you all feed my soul...or some cheesiness like that. PCP and MMW - thank you for injecting some humor into the post!

    Dee - I am going to have to read that entire poem. It is beautiful. How profound for such simple words and concepts.

  6. Ooo-laa-laa...So glad she left her bags behind today! I wish we could all do that. Some days are easier than others.

  7. Wait! He bought her accessories AND he let her drive?

    I must read more! :)