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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Real Blogs of Note

I received an award from The lovely Jewels a couple of days ago. Thank you, Jewels! You like me, you really like me! (Never liked the movie "Soap Dish" so I have no clue why I'm referencing it here).

If you haven't read Jewels' blog please take the time to. I'm always amazed at her wisdom and insight...not to mention her terrific writing style.

In order to properly accept this award I am to share three random facts about myself with you all:

1. I love the movie, "Love, Actually." The soundtrack from that movie makes me all mushy and sappy (more so than my usual mushiness). It is my favorite movie to watch over and over...especially on a plane ride.

2. I won a blue, banana seat bicycles with tassels, basket and bell from The Skipper Chuck show in the 1970's (elementary school...I wanna say 1st or 3rd grade). It was a local daily variety show for kids. I got to sit in the audience with my girl scout troop a few days before and apparently my name went into a drawing. Skipper Chuck was very big on promoting the Jerry Lewis Telethon for MD. I remember several times ordering their "carnival" kit so we could have a carnival in our backyard (no rides, just games, etc) to help raise money for MD. My sister was usually in charge and I remember her setting me up at a booth so people could challenge me to a game of Connect Four.

3. After an emotionally draining post (or posts), I get a high from the newly found me...and then I get needy. I need you to read what I have to say. I need you to comment. I need you to accept me. I NEED! So I take a big step back because, after all, I'm never too comfortable with my growing self. This was evident after this past week's posts (Taxi Cab parts I-VI). I don't have Peanut this weekend, I have hibernated...I'm quite lonely, sobbing for no reason, vegging out, depressed by the very thing that lifted me up the day before! Emotionally exhausted by what I wrote. It was big...and I don't know that I can live up to it. For a change, I'm not waiting for a knight in shining armour to rescue me...but I'm still a ways from being able to pick myself up. So this is probably not considered a "random" fact about me...but it's me.

And now to pass this award on to 7 others. There have been several kind people in the past few weeks who have given of themselves via their writing (and comments). I adore these people. They're extraordinary! It was hard to pick, so I tried to pick people I'm newly acquainted with.

1. Padded Cell Princess - Sweet comments from a far away place, at times you feel like a long-lost "little sister", we are forever linked by our musical noses!

2. Dee from Coming Home to Myself - your ability to connect is a gift. Thank you.

3. Desiree at Driftwood Ramblings - you always leave the most thoughtful comments...and her photos are amazing!

4. The Minute Man's Wife - this woman defines what it means to be a loving parent. "Girl child" need not come from you to be yours. She is yours simply because you love her like she is.

5. Soph - she's fantastic and you'll love her great stories about dating

6. Light208 at Choices and Shadows - her fiction makes me want to write and write and write...she puts her heart into every piece, you can tell.

7. Maxwell - because he's not afraid to say things that we all think from time to time and his wit leaves me speechless sometimes...plus he's following Peanut's Blog and I don't have to censor his comments.

Seven is really not enough....really...so take a look at my list of "The Real Blogs of Note" (to the left of this post). There you'll find some of my most treasured friends.   


  1. Wow...7 blogs I don't already follow. I cannot wait to head over and check them out! :) Can you believe that I have never seen Love, Actually? I have been told over and over that I need to though. I really should look into that!

  2. I have not read all of Taxi cab, I am waiting until I can take it all in without some random boy interrupting me.

    And I totally get the heavy writing thing. I am working on something, written somewhat out of my "norm". Sometimes I back date them, until I am ready for the critics.

    And no worries. If you are still bummed out when you visit, I will bring you jelly beans. But not the stale ones that the Statue of liberty is made of. :)

  3. Some brilliant bloggers to follow there! I also have my own Blogs of Note list.

  4. THANK YOU!! : )

    This is my first award and it is from the lovely Stephanie too...yeeeahhhhh! (that was a very girly yell!!)

    To accept the award do I need to do the same? (3 random facts and 7 blogs) sorry, I am new to the award world?

    Thanks lovely x

  5. Thank you so very much for thinking about me! I do not display awards on my blog, but I keep them tucked away in my heart!

    I am sorry to hear you've been feeling blue/down/low/depressed/emotionally drained...but, you know what? It really does happen to most of us, especially when we have opened our hearts to all and sundry in the way in which you do! It does require courage, a lot of energy and, it's perfectly natural to feel drained and a little (or a lot!) vulnerable, afterwards. Tears are therapeutic, so let them flow freely, but also, enjoy the time to reflect. Run yourself a nice, deep, bubble bath, light all your candles and lie back, allowing the soothing, warm water to do its healing. Don't dwell on any sad thoughts. Simply allow them to visit, acknowledge their presence and then allow them to leave quietly. Take a stroll in your garden, if you have one. If not, stand on your balcony, or in front of an open window and breathe deep breaths, slowly in through your nose and slowly out through your mouth. Imagine your cares and concerns being gently carried away on your breath as the breeze catches it. Play your favourite music, softly. Pick/buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers and take the time to really look at each and every bloom, as you lovingly arrange them in a vase (or several specimen vases). Strip your bed and remake it with freshly laundered and ironed, sweet smelling bedding. Place a blossom on your pillow and spray some of your favourite fragrance on the pillowcase, to delight and surprise yourself at bedtime later. Take one of your prettiest plates and arrange your favourite, easy meal on it as artistically as you can. Savour every forkful.

    Just a few ideas to pamper and love yourself!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  6. Thank you so much for blessing me with this today! This means a lot coming from you because I really respect you for your strength (even if you don't always see, it is very evident), your heart (it is beautifully open and raw which shows how genuine and exquisite you are) and your writing (which tugs at the heart strings of all who read it and brings truth and honesty). I will proudly be your blog sister and just wish we could have a Love Actually night; it is one of my absolute favorites as well! Reading and seeing Peanut through her own blog has also been another wonderful way to see you and your heart. She is an incredible young girl and she is clearly just like her mommy! Thank you again and I look forward to knowing you more through your blog (and Peanut's blog!)

  7. Thank you, Stephanie, for your kind words on my blog.

    Consider this: that in taking the time and making the effort to mention other blogs, you show the deep-down loveliness of your own spirit. I hope that you can let go of your malaise and embrace that loveliness.

    Like Desiree, I'd like to offer you something that you might consider to help bring yourself back to equilibrium.

    Several times today, cease worrying. Let yourself live in the moment. Notice the sounds you hear--far and wee. Notice what you feel against your body. Notice the depth of color around you. Breathe deeply and smell the scents that permeate your home.

    Live in that present moment as long as you can--a few seconds. A minute. Five minutes. Be present to your senses. Then you will be present to your own humanity.

    I wish you presence.


  8. that sounds like a banana-seat bike i had briefly, my first. what terrible fun:) congratulations on your award.

  9. Oh, btw, you should allow links to your posts so that we can tweet your blogs :)

  10. I feel awesome and special. This might explain why I'm constantly bathed in a beautiful aura of light at all times...

    And yes, "Love, Actually" is an awesome movie. I watched it again the other day. Good pick.

  11. I'm sorry you are feeling alone and down girly! You are a super person. Go get yourself a big scoop of your favorite ice cream or a warm piece of pie. Ok go get both. Big hugs.

  12. I think all of us bloggers are needy to an extent Stephanie, that's why we put our thoughts out there for others to read. Yours are always worth reading.

  13. Thanks for checking up on me! I do feel better and I will be posting an entry about it. Congrats on the award.

  14. Aw! Now I'm blubbering all over the keyboard!! Sniffling back a little river of snots that pourth out of me! Thanks for your sweet comment. It really went straight to my heart.

    Wait a minute.... Maxwell isn't a chick???

  15. I loved these comments. Doing much better today...actually, started to do better yesterday. Only took a little dusting off this time. :)

    Jewels, go rent Love Actually. You will not be disappointed.

  16. I want to rent "Love, Actually" too. It sounds awesome. I'm glad things are going better.

    P. S. I LOVE peanut's blog :0)

  17. Love, Actually is an awesome movie. I agree, everyone should watch it at least once even if they aren't female.

    I am right with you on needing the responses when I post something. At first, I didn't even check, but once I started getting such great responses from people I didn't even know, I was hooked.

    Thanks again for hooking me up with the wonderful world of Blog!

  18. Thank you so much for the mention. I've really loved your writing so it means a lot. I can sympathise with your third point especially, some posts put me off writing for days once I've finally got them down. But for me, it's like an addiction that I keep coming back to.

  19. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies. Sorry for your sadness, I hope that life is treating you much kinder this week.

  20. I, too, love Love, Actually. It's so great when Colin Firth and Hugh Grant go searching for the women they love! Ahhhhhh, romance -- a fantasy world.