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Friday, September 16, 2011

Old Friends

First, let me say a huge thank you to Melynda at Crazy World and Elisa at The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom. What a treat to have you guest blog for me! Thank you!!!!!

The trip to Boston for work to meet Juliana and to see my Papa Sam was awesome.

I arrived on Saturday morning. We took a water taxi to our hotel...so I had this lovely view:

Saturday night my cousins drove Papa Sam in from Connecticut for a visit. I was the happiest person on earth. Papa is 96...a little slow getting around and hard of hearin, but his personality is an American Treasure. So he walks with a cane. You don't need to help him get up...he does that on his own...but his walking pace is only slightly faster than my ex, The P.A.N., pays child support. This is not necessarily a bad thing. He loves to utilize his walking time to talk to passers by. He talks to everyone! It's great! And he'll grab your hand while he's talking to you...very engaging, endearing...that's my Papa Sam.

I was sad to see him go Saturday night. It gets harder each time.

Sunday we had a lot of free time before the conference started. Yes, I know this is the part you are all waiting for

Juliana and I met up! She was gracious enough to come to my hotel, so I wouldn't have to get a cab...and she showed me around Boston. We had someone take a picture of us hugging in honor of our

We then headed off for a little bit of shopping, lunch, and of course DESSERT! Juliana knew this fabulous bakery and we were on a mission to indulge!

We stopped off at Cheers (not the original, but still fun) for a bite of lunch. As we were dining, one of my co-workers happened to be walking by, so I shouted to her in the most obnoxious way called her over to meet Juliana. This is my favorite co-worker, Sandi...She's like a bonus big sister, and I often look to her for guidance. And she gives great hugs when I need them. I introduced the two of them and she went on her way.

We browsed a bit more after lunch and I shopped a bit and then it was time to say good-bye. I almost forgot to give her the last Cadbury Egg of the season! Thankfully she hadn't gone far. So she got the egg!

How I managed to save this egg without gobbling it up is beyond me, but I did, and it was consumed in proper fashion by Juliana (on the train where her boys and Tony couldn't have a taste).

Later that evening, my co-worker Sandi and I were talking at a dinner party. Someone asked me what I did during the day and I mentioned meeting up with Juliana and who she was (blogger friend). Sandi looked at me and said, "I forgot this was the friend you hadn't met before, the two of you looked more like old friends!


  1. I'm still in shock that you could give away a Cadbury Creme Egg. Give me those, and I'm like Gollum with his Precious.

  2. That is sooooo neat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post :0) You two do look like you've been friends forever.

  3. Arh this is really cool! Can I come and visit you please?! : )

    Glad you are back!

  4. So I LOVE that picture of you and Papa Sam! I want to meet him now. He's my kind of guy! As for meeting Julianna you lucky twit. Both of you! What fun! I'm so glad you had a good time with family and new friends. BTW your welcome and any time. Just glad your back! I've missed you.

  5. It was great fun! And I was glad to give up my egg!
    Good to be back as well. I'm slowly catching up on your posts!
    Soph - Come visit any time!
    Melynda and Elisa- The Peanut and I are discussing a trip to Utah this summer!

  6. Oh, what a great, fun post. Papa Sam looks like a sweetheart. I love the pictures, especially you and Julianna hugging in honor of Cinderita.


  7. What a great post! I am so sorry I didn't get to meet Papa Sam! So glad you had a nice time, and it's funny, I called Tony on my way home and he asked how it was. I said "You know, it was like I'd known her forever."


  8. That is so sweet, Julianna!(as i just realized you have two "n"s in your name...ughhh). I remember telling Tracy about your blog a short while before she started blogging and how I thought if you were here, you'd be our kind of friend.
    Lola - Papa Sam is the best! I'm so lucky to still have him in my life!

  9. Good to have you back Stephanie and to share in your great enthusiasm for Papa Sam and Julianna and Sandi and Boston. One of your most endearing traits is your enthusiasm. Another is your great and wide and deep compassion for others.


  10. No worries on the spelling. As you know, it's not really my name. :)

  11. A great post. It looks like the two of you had a great time. Glad to have you back posting again though :)

  12. I have so enjoyed sharing in the highlights of your trip to Boston, Stephanie. Papa Sam sounds like an absolute honey and the picture of the two of you together is priceless, one I suspect you will always treasure. How wonderful for you to have finally met Julianna and, I have to agree, you not only look like old friends, you look as though you could be related. Super, happy pictures to capture the memories of a fun-filled day spent together.

  13. How fun!! What a great trip and what a great memory of spending time with Papa Sam and Juliana! You have completely tempted me now to go get a Cadbury egg...they are sold year round in every store around here so it's tough not to pop by the convenience store down the road and get me one!

  14. sounds like a great trip. what a great lesson at the end of this. i'm re-discovering how real connections actually form through blogging.

  15. I am so glad you had a great time. Friends are made in so many ways, you don't have to be face to face to know each other. I love that you got to see Papa Sam.