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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Melynda!

Today is Melynda over at Crazy World's birthday.

Go on, wish her a happy birthday, I'll wait.

And while you're at it, have a piece of cake or even a hot fudge sundae! It's Melynda's birthday, eat what you want!

Just don't overdo it, 'k?

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers (and friends)!!!!!



  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for letting us know that today is Melynda's birthday!
    I'll go right over to her blog and wish her the best of days.

    How thoughtful of you to let us know.

    Peace and may today be filled with possibilities for you.


  2. Aw Steph! I may be blushing right now.. let me check.. Yep I am. Thanks girly

  3. I have just come from Melynda's blog! What a wonderful friend you are, to have ensured no one misses out on wishing her a Happy Birthday! She certainly deserves to have the very best of birthdays!!!

    I hope you are feeling happier since your last post.

    Big hug! xoxo