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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

With a Hitch

I was in Tracy's wedding this past weekend. I got permission from her to post a photo taken of the two of us shortly before the ceremony. I'm going to let her write about it when she gets back from her fabulous honeymoon. What I will tell you is that she makes a lovely bride (and friend). I was honored to be in her wedding...and glad it all went off WITH A HITCH!

Get it? Ha Ha Ha Ha!

Beautiful Tracy...and me, wearing my chocolate "Truffle" dress

Peanut was not in the wedding, but she of course hung
out with us in the suite before the ceremony.
This is my new favorite picture of us, just wish it was
taken with a regular camera instead of my phone.


  1. Your Peanut is adorable! Congrats to Tracy!

  2. Beautiful pictures. The bride is beautiful but so are you and Peanut! Fun! Hugs to you!

  3. Those are both great pictures, but the one with Peanut is ADORABLE.

  4. Wow, Peanut looks so much like you! What a blessed girl! Great photos, I love weddings :)

  5. HEY! You didn't send me the one with Peanut! She looks beautiful! (And so do you)

    As for it being on your phone... there are all kinds of photo programs that will allow you to "make" it appear as though it was done with a higher pixel camera. :)

    Congrats to Tracy! Can wait to hear (almost all) the details of the honeymoon!

  6. Like mother, like daughter--BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. What a pretty Peanut and pretty Stephanie!


  8. You ladies, and peanut of course, are stunning! :)

  9. You both look lovely and peanut is SO cute!

  10. Those pictures are awesome. You all look wonderful. I especially love that second picture :0)

  11. Mrs Pickle! How I've missed your posts! Hope you are doing well.

  12. Your smile in these two pictures is the definition of happiness.

    Thank you for sharing this event and these photographs with us.


  13. All three of you are adorable and I love your dress.

  14. Stephanie, Tracy, and Peanut: you are all beautiful! Love your dress Steph and Tracy's dress is stunning!