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Friday, September 9, 2011

Letter to Myself

Dear Me,

I've asked a lot of you over the years and you've mostly listened, but my needs have changed and I'd like you to adapt to the changing me. Here is my laundry list:

I need you to listen more to the quieter voice that is sometimes afraid to speak up. She has a lot to say, but can't always interject when necessary.

I need you to take better care of my body. The junk food is making me tired, and I want to have the energy to enjoy day to day life. Take me on walks and remind me of the blessing to have perfectly good legs.

I need you to see the mistakes I've made have come from a heart that is still healing, still learning, still growing...and accept my apologies.

I need you to free my mind from clutter that doesn't permit me to step outside, or let people in...or even get work done on a busy day.

I need you to intercept the dreams that hurt me in the middle of the night and haunt me throughout the day. I'm tired of living with them, seriously! Please re-wire my subconscious...everyone will be happier.

I know you're trying your hardest, so I ask these things in the kindest of ways...I need you to like me.


  1. If you are aware of these needs in yourself, you can fulfill them. Let yourself be you--the complete you. But don't change too much. We love you the way you are. You have to love yourself, too!

  2. Thanks, Fishducky. I had a nightmare last night that is sucking the life out of me today, I'm anxious about traveling, and not concentrating well. And I'm a little tired of not being over a relationship that ended 2 years ago...keep reminding myself that I'll be done with it when I'm done with it...but I don't always listen. :(

  3. You are such a gifted writer, Stephanie! Yu express yourself so well and, as Fishducky says, you do know the answers already, since you are already in tune with and can express your needs. Change is not immediate, but it does happen whether we want it or not and remember, we adapt to everything in the end. Remember, a nightmare is just a lousy dream, so do not fall into the trap of investing it with more value/power than it deserves. Learn not to dwell on your thoughts. We all have anxieties and insecurities...just make a daily practice rising above them, by rather focussing on things that build you up from within. Often, we truly are our own worst critics so be conscious of not being too hard on yourself!

    I really loved this letter to yourself! I wish I were able to express myself as beautifully.

    Big hug xoxo

  4. And you can tell your self that if she doesn't agree to your demands, that you will sick the horde of blog readers on her who will tell her otherwise!

  5. Why don't you condense the letter into a bullet-pointed list of "do's" (never do a list of dont's!)and put it somewhere prominent where you'll see it each morning to remind yourself?

    Might help :-)

  6. I love this!!! I really do. have fun this weekend. I know I will. :)

  7. Love this. I think everyone should remind themselves of stuff like this. And not becasue I do....

    like here...


    and here...


    And I'm sure there will be a few more...

  8. Perfectly scripted Steph. Too often we ask others to do these things for us, but we forget to ask ourselves. Bravo and have a creat time this weekend.

  9. I need you to write that letter for me Steph!!! That was AWESOME!!!

  10. I just saw a wonderful quote from Eunice Kennedy Shriver that I emailed to all my friends & family. You might consider adopting her philosophy.


  11. That was really lovely Stephanie! It is good to sometimes stop and think about these things and it is good that notice what needs to be changed.

    It took me a long time to get over my ex, dont beat yourself up it will happen it time, just enjoy getting to know the lovely you in the meantime!

    Arlequin's idea was good, I have done something like that!

  12. Dear Stephanie, Like Arlequin and Sopy, I'm suggesting that writing a positive list is a great way to be gracious to yourself.

    Like "I do free my mind of unwanted thoughts. " "I am gracious to myself." "I eat well and take care of my body."

    And I'm also suggesting that you think about beginning a gratitude journal in which you write down each night five people, things, experiences, aspects of yourself for which you are grateful.

    For twelve years, I've done this each night before turning off the light. Looking back at your day and seeing all the thoughts you thoughts and things you said and actions you did that were kind to yourself and others is a great way to grow in appreciation of the wonderful you.