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Monday, August 29, 2011

Taxi Cab (Part I)

She was new to town. Her journey had taken her several places so she had courage on one shoulder and several painful bags on the other. She was learning how to balance the two to make her travels lighter. It was hard when none of the streets were familiar and the roads behind her were still calling. She found herself at a busy intersection one evening, her mind was racing with all that she saw since she awoke...the sun was about to set for the day and the twilight cast a mesmerizing light.

A taxi cab pulled up almost out of nowhere. She had been relying on her own two feet to move her, but the cab was inviting.

"Where to?", the cab driver asked.

"I don't know", she replied.

"Something tells me you're new to this journey," he said. "I've been you, and I can tell you it gets easier. I can also tell you're ready to take it"

He drove around in no particular direction and told her his story. She relaxed instantly and listened, fascinated by the stories he told and saddened by some of the experiences that led him to where he was in life.

"I think I'm ready to get off here," she said with a strength in her voice that surprised her.

He pulled over to let her out. She noticed a kindness in his eyes as they shook hands and parted ways.

When he was out of sight she realized that the contents of one of her bags fell out and into the cab.

She looked in the empty bag and thought, "That's okay,I don't think I'll be needing that anymore."


  1. I like Part I of this allegory. I'm eager to read Part II. I wonder just how many bags you'll leave behind in this journey. All unnecessary burdens to carry. Peace.

  2. Love this. I need to take a journey like that sometime.

  3. Awesome post!! I love your writing style!!

  4. Thank you Dee, MMW and light208! George, I hope to have a Part II tomorrow. Still trying to decide where I want to take this story.

  5. Love these stories. :)

    I hope she lost the bag of painful stuff, and not the one of courage...

    ...and if she finds my hair clip, please bring it to Boston with you... can't find the damn thing anywhere....

  6. I can't wait for part two. Maybe you could tell us what burden was left in the cab.

  7. This is fabulous! I am looking forward to the journey of part 2! Also, I love that you have titled your blog reads as "The Real 'Blogs of Note'"! I am so underwhelmed by the sites blogger chooses. I have only seen 1 blog ever that was good and popular but things like "I Found Your Pen" have no comments for a reason (even after being added to the "Blogs of Note' list)

  8. PCP -I get the feeling that a lot of the times Blogger chooses sites that review products or have one main theme...I'm underwhelmed by them as well.

    Julianna - I will let you know if I find your hair clip

    Bothered- The first burden left in the cab is a mystery to me at the moment.

  9. Makes a change from leaving my mobile phone in a cab.

  10. Due to the readiness of the rider to get out of the cab and her lack of concern for the lost articles, I would go with the baggage being of the emotionally unhealthy variety. The kindness of the taxi driver in sharing their story helped the woman to cling to her baggage a little less tightly...

    Just my two cents. Great story!

  11. I loved that... can't wait for Part deux!

  12. LOVE this. You handle the symbolism so deftly!

  13. You weave the best stories. This was magical to read :0)

  14. I posted earlier--where did it go?

    Well told--anxiously awaiting part 2!

  15. Fishducky, I had that happen to me once too. Frustrating. Thanks for re-commenting. I always enjoy your comments.

  16. You're back! I love this! You really have a knack for writing Steph and need to pursue it fully!