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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Taxi Cab (Part II)

Her mood changed after that evening in the taxi cab. She was quite certain that encounter would be important in her life and she hoped for the chance to repay that kindness in some way.

Losing the contents of that bag did leave her more at peace, but she kept checking and re-checking it for the ugliness that was once inside. She wasn't quite comfortable without it. She had been carrying it around for many years and wore it often.

She ventured out into her new world with a resolve to let the ugliness go. "I must not have needed it or I would have kept it closer," she thought to herself as she walked. A rush of happiness came over her. She stopped, just for a moment, to enjoy it. She walked along some more, the burden of the bags feeling lighter that day. 

The taxi cab pulled up beside her. "I've got time to take you anywhere you'd like to go", he said.

She didn't need to tell him where she wanted to go, he just knew. While he drove, she looked for the ugliness she left behind, but didn't see it.

"The customer after you the other night found this in the back of the cab. The minute I saw how lovely it was I thought surely it must be yours. I took very special care of it. Does this belong to you?"

He held up the contents from her bag. It was hers, alright...but it didn't look anything like it did before. She was delighted to see the real beauty that had been revealed...and started to accept that it just might have been that way all along.

She arrived at what felt like her destination for the day and asked him to pull over.

Her eyes met his and she studied him intently, "Will I see you tomorrow?" she asked.

"Of course", he said, "I'll find you."

She walked away, hugging that once ugly bag closer to herself. When she arrived home she noticed that another bag was missing. This one had the voice that wasn't worthy of hearing!


  1. I am most intrigued by this story. Is this going to be some Steven King type thing?

  2. What a wonderful revelation of real beauty.

    I love this whole story!

  3. Awesome!! You have me hooked. I think you have found your true calling my Sweet!

  4. I'm fascinated! You truly have a writer's mind.

  5. Thank you so much for the positive comments. I wasn't sure about the direction I wanted to take this today...but I think I know where I'm going tomorrow.

    George - no dead cats will come to life at the end of this story.

  6. The way you weave your story is incredible. It's your story but you make it relatable to everybody else as well. I'm loving it!

  7. I think this part is better than the first even. Well done my friend. Keep it up.
    As for Mr. P that boy is to much. I never know what's coming next just know it's going to be something I'll get a chuckle over later.

  8. So when is she and the cab driver going to bump uglies?

  9. Part II of this on-going allegory fascinated me. To let go and then to find the essence--the beauty--of what we'd lost touch with in our lives.
    There's a deep-down wisdom here. Thank you.

  10. Is there going to be more Steph??? I hope so! That was awesome!

  11. PCP - thank you for always having such kind words to say!
    Melynda - I feel the same way about Peanut... she's like a surprise party every day.
    MMW - Patience, my dear
    Dee - I've so enjoyed getting to know you lately
    AG- Yes, there will be more...and thank you

  12. That's a neat way to develop a story and you get immediate feedback.
    MMW -- bump uglies? I've never heard it put that way before :)