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Monday, August 15, 2011

Smelly, Stuffed Dog

I've started a blog for Peanut. Her first assignment was to answer some interview questions by Elisa's daughters, The Hippie and The Scribe. I must admit, it's a bit late and she wasn't her usual talkative self, but Barkley sure poured on the potty humor...I had to edit some of it out. Enough's enough you smelly, stuffed dog!

You can check out Peanut and Barkley's Blog here:


  1. Can I just say I read Peanut these comments and my post and she cracked up laughing and then tooted twice as she walked away. Someone open a window!

  2. She now has 7 followers, plus me! It took me almost 4 years of blogging to have that many! Thanks, guys!