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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Would It Be Wrong Wednesdays...Early Edition

Would it be wrong
If I sent The P.A.N. an email and reminded him that it's not only time to pay June, July and August's child support, but it's also time TO GROW A PAIR?

Would it be wrong
If I tell the 59-year old man who keeps emailing me on Match to point his limp noodle in someone else's direction and leave me alone? Dude! You're OLD!!!!!...emailing me with compliments three times in two days isn't going to change that.

Would it be wrong
If I accidentally taught Peanut the words "Ass crack" while playing a mean game of UNO the other night? Tushy Buns Crack just didn't sound right in this instance...and it threw her off her game allowing me to win!

Would it be wrong
If I admitted that I'm addicted to blogging and I started writing this Tuesday afternoon when I was supposed to be working hard?

UPDATE 8:26AM: The comments I have received for this post have actually been better than my post...which is awesome. Thank you Maxwell and Julianna! (PS- sorry, I don't have time to insert their links, and well, frankly...Maxwell is having his "link" repaired this week...check their blogs out via the right hand column. They're fun to stalk, really....Is that wrong?)


  1. 1. No. That should be a given.
    2. No. Tell him to stop trying to play pool with a rope (and you look 25, 59 year-old men should tuck it away).
    3. No. UNO is a game of trash talk, and no terms are off limit. My mother consistently fails to see the humor when I respond when she yells "Son of a bitch!"
    4. No. Not even remotely.

    Happy SYTYCD night!

  2. UNO is an "all fair in love and war" game. It gets brutal here. We have tournaments. Almost Hubs loses his shirt (and wallet) frequently.

    Ass crack seems mild. :)

    I've preped posts a week in advance. Especially when I know I'll be busy. Then I hate myself for not logging in to read. It's a vicious cycle.

    And PS, often my Truth is... are done during the week when I think of things, then published on Thursday. I know. You think less of me now. :(

  3. Maxwell, I think your comments are funnier than my post! Well done!

    Julianna...I could never think less of you. Now, tell me how you extract a wallet out of the game of UNO and I'll challenge The P.A.N. to a game.

  4. You should get P.A.N. one of those trailer hitch add ons that is a pair of balls, you know you've seen them. Wrap them nicely with a little note - "Dear P.A.N., I almost didn't get you these, but then I decided what the heck, it's not like you already have a pair". LOL!

    Go ahead and tell the old man to buzz off, you can only be nice for so long.

    Ass Crack is not the worst thing I have heard Peanut say... I do recall an entire conversation between her and my daughter about boogers, pee and poop. Lovely little girls we have.

    Never worry about posting early, nobody cares...

  5. I was doing okay until I got the point about ONO. What is it?

  6. We love Uno over here :) Sometimes I have to do whatever it takes to win that game LOL! I may have to try the "ass crack" line. Wish me luck ;)

  7. Tony - UNO is a really fun (family style) card game. Google it...it's pretty mindless, but fun.

    Tracy, I could get The P.A.N. a pair of balls as a "stocking stuffer" for XMas! (sorry, couldn't resist). And yes, Peanut has said and done much worse.

    E- Somehow I just cannot picture you saying "ass crack". :)

  8. Steph listen on occasion E can pop out with some um verbose language just like the rest of us. lol And to answer your questions.
    1.I might write him a note that say i returned your balls during the divorce. They are now yours to use at your discretion. Of the things you might like trying out is being a responsible fucking parent asshole.
    (hope that's not to brutal.)
    2.Tell him your a dude, and he might not want to continue his pursuit
    3.I've accidentally taught mine worse and they have survived. lol
    I think we are all addicted to blogging. I'm going into surgery tomorrow and all except for friday are prewritten for the last couple and next couple of days. lol

  9. LOL! Cade laughs whenever I swear. He says that every time is like the first time. *giggles*

  10. I'm behind due to planning my 1 year bloggaversary party tomorrow so forgive me. None of these would be wrong. EVER! Loved #1.