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Thursday, June 9, 2011


She named her Catherine. Not Sparkles, Sprinkles, Glitter, Blacky or any of the other cliche' names she normally chooses...

Catherine...cause that makes sense right? She's a CAT!
A stray cat.

A most likely soon to be adopted stray cat.

Wait! She's a cat, so most likely she'll adopt us.

I am nuts. The Peanut is definitely nuts.

I like the little booger (referring to the cat, not The Peanut...though she's a booger too).
I've already nicknamed her "Bumper" cause she bumps up to you when being affectionate.

Squash and Percy are going to hate us.

My mom is going to shake her head in disbelief.

My sister will never visit me now (which actually is a bad thing...cause I miss her so!)

So much for getting a dog.

I can't afford another cat.

I can't afford a disappointed child. Emotionally, I'm spent.

Catherine. She named her Catherine.


  1. Welcome to the family Catherine aka Bumper. I love that the kitties all come to find you. You don't really want a dog anyways, do you?

  2. Yeah I am just not a cat person. My husband loves them though. I have 2 chihuahuas and a weiner dog. now I just need a human ( a baby ) and I will be set. How old is your peanut?

  3. WE have a cat. I can't afford him. But he's our cat none the less.

    His name is Chewey. You'd think with all the star wars fans in the house that it would be a refernce to that. OR because he chews on everything. But no, it was the name he came with. :)

  4. It's hard to say no to an animal that needs a home and a 7 year old girl. It's a lost cause. Just adopt the animal. With everything your kid is going through it's probably good for her. You wouldn't believe what I adopted when I got divorced. Here's the link because I think it will make you giggle.http://melyndarockinthecrazy.blogspot.com/2011/03/animal-madness.html It's called animal madness if the link doesn't work for you..

  5. Your comment was so sweet on my blog yesterday.. Thank you

  6. Your so nice! It's done actually I just have to proof read and correct some mistakes, get an editor and voila. This is the part I don't like.

  7. you can call her cat for short.

  8. Catherine is such a beautiful name though ;)

  9. I just wanted to stop by (again lol) and tell you that you're on my heart today and I'm praying for you. I hope you'll have an amazing day today *hugs*

  10. -E- Thanks for stopping by!...and for pointing out the obvious...we can call her "Cat". :)

    Bumper Cat has come by all but one night this week. She is SOOOOoo sweet! For now she'll be an outside kitty. I think she may actually belong to someone.

    Elisa - I'm about to post about your last comment to me.

    Mrs. Pickles - I so hope you get your baby...and remember to put a lock on your computer when he/she is old enough to use it! :)

  11. Keep this post forever! You are going to love it in the future!

  12. Thanks, Elle! I just told Peanut tonight that we were going to keep the kitty. Off to the vet for a check-up she goes!