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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What I Love Wednesdays

I love Wednesday nights during the summer!

Why, you ask?


Up there in my Top 10 favorite shows of all time.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Judging Amy - Okay, this is actually my number 1
2. Homefront - Only on for a season or two...back in 1992, I think. It was awesome. Kyle Chandler was sooooo hot in this show! Ooh! I think this one is actually tied with Early Edition.
3. Profit - I wanna say this was a 1994 series...canceled after 1 season as well. Twisted dude, yet likable
4. Criminal Minds - Holy tushy ca-ca there are some really messed up characters on that show!
5. So You Think You Can Dance - Amazing dancing, right in our living rooms...and the talent show with the most talent...hands down
6. Ally McBeal - I so cried when this show ended...and I'm still searching for my Billy..."Bygones!"
7. The O.C. - Yes, I'm admitting this. C'mon! Ryan loved Journey!!!!
8. Hardy Boys - Shaun Cassidy/Parker Stevenson - 1970's...I still have a poster of Shaun...giggle
9. Nip/Tuck - Guilty pleasure
10. Damages - I can't stand Glenn Close in most movies...I love her in this show...Always love a good anti-hero...plus the storyline has me on the edge of my seat the entire time.

It's Wednesday! What do you love?


  1. Great bread and cheese lol kids laughing and sunny days. As far as shows go I don't watch many because it hurts my head to bad. However I do have a couple of favorites. American Idol up till this year. Psych. Funniest show ever. Dexter, sick and twisted I know but man am I hooked! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It was so busy here I have to catch up today aaaahhhh

  2. Survivor - ***hangs head in shame***
    Oh and I LOVED me some CSI when Grissom was on there... not it just sucks.

    Oh and I used to watch Nip Tuck only because it was like soft porn on regular cable.

  3. So You Think You Can Dance is awesome! I'm also addicted to Glee :) We just got netflix and I'm lovin' it.

  4. I watch mostly reality TV. It makes me feel better about my own life

  5. I never could get into Survivor...no shame in liking it though!
    Two years ago, my plumber was sought out to do a reality show. They were shooting footage for the pilot and came to my house...cause I know how to pour on the "this house is a money pit" drama...and the tears when he told me how much it would cost. Good looking guy...bummed that he was married. :)
    The show never worked out. No 15 minutes of fame.
    Can't watch Glee anymore...still reminds me of Russell...I know, pathetic.

  6. 1. Castle
    2. Dancing with the Stars
    3. Ellen

    That's about it for me these days. There were a bunch of shows I used to watch religously but if it isn't on Disney, I have to really find some time to watch it.

  7. I miss the Pretender.

    That show could have gone on forever if they didn't try to put the whole tortured love thing in the story line.

  8. Julianna, I know exactly what you mean. The whole forbidden love/ sexual energy thing...great at first but where does the story go from there once the profess love?
    Although I do love the connection the main characters have on Castle.