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Monday, June 13, 2011

Open the Door

How did you know that I needed someone to reach out today and say, "You're in my heart"?

This very day?

I'm home sick today...still
...lingering cold. I feel lousy, and I'm falling behind at work.

One of my best friends left this morning...she was passing through with her husband on their way to Florida from Alaska...they stayed for the weekend...and I already miss her dearly!

This day was once very special to me. An anniversary that can no longer be celebrated (no, not talking about my wedding anniversary)...a date I can forget 364 days a year...but releasing the memory is not so easy on this day...despite that I have moved on.

I have always loved how it has felt when I can say, "I'm very much in my heart". When I am in that place I am at my best...open, engaging, joyful, vulnerable, real.

I didn't think I was up for that today.

As it turns out, I just needed someone to, for no reason, open the door.

Thank you, Elisa. Your random words of kindness this morning did just that.


  1. Hugs flying your way right now, open the window!

  2. I am sorry things are hard for you right now. When times are hard for me I like to say hello to my friends “Ben & Jerry” with a big spoon. Btw, you have an award on my blog :)

  3. Blue Bunny Sweet and Salty ice cream will do the trick! Thanks for the hugs and the kind words, my friends! Tracy, it's too hot to open my window. :(

  4. Ah Stephanie! Chin up girl! You are seriously a champ. Keep moving forward. I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you will soon be up and happy again. Think of it this way... An anniversary is just a day. We get to choose whether or not it will be or stay important. Thinking of you lady!

  5. You are such a doll. Your kind post just made me smile as tears came to my eyes. Thank "you" for this.

  6. Feeling better...nighty, night