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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Love Wednesdays

"You Gotta Like It!"

This for some reason was a very popular phrase in 1986/1987 - Freshman year in college. I was a little sister at a frat house. The guys at this frat house were your typical frat boys with a dorky twist...fit me great...I didn't want to be a little sister anywhere where I would date brothers...too messy. I had the best Big Brother, Bob. He somehow got named Godzilla, which was later changed to BobZilla and then just shortened to Zilla. I was BabyZilla. I had a lot of fun hanging out there when I was supposed to be going to class. Me being the goodie two shoes that I am did not get drunk for the first time until my Sophomore year. It was with Zilla. Rum and cola. I inhale soda, so adding rum to a huge cup made it very easy for the rum to hit....fast. We were at an intramural (sp?) football game. Zilla was a big guy and athletic...the other brothers...not so much. I was cheering him on and happily drinking my "cola". 

He ended up carrying me back to the frat house, plopped me into his bed, and then he went to the main room to continue partying. These were great guys...so no stories of being taken advantage of, thank goodness! But he did crawl into bed with me at the end of the evening...drunk as a skunk. No biggie as we were never romantic. But then he started making this swallowing noise. It was gross and he was stinkin' drunk.I had sobered up, so I went home. I heard the next day that he yak'd all over the place.


I love that I can remember that story all these years. I love that I wasn't there for his display of the contents of his stomach. I love that we're still friends.  

It's Wednesday, what do you love?


  1. Yes, this is a pretty lame story, but I'm too busy today for deeply thoughtful. Fluff will have to do.

  2. I find it funny that your first alcoholic drink was mixed with carbonation. That makes alcohol absorb into your body faster.

  3. Like there'd be another reason to mix your alcohol with anything lol.

  4. Now this is completely off topic and two weeks late, but SYTYCD is on tonight - remember last season when Mary Murphy wasn't on it? That was heaven. But it's still awesome if you fast forward through her critiques.

  5. Na na na na...doobie, doobie, doobie DANCE!

  6. That's sooo awesome that you're still friends. I'm glad you left in time though LOL!

    I LOVE the rainy day we're having today ;)

  7. That's awsome Steph. lots of girls have horror stories about those parties. I'm glad he was there for you and still is. Everyone needs people like that in their lives.